The only sites here that are completely my original work are this one you are on, and my business, Arsenault Artist Management. The others I have contributed to in some way, either by creating the original site, or maintaining and working with what was created by someone else. My work most often goes both ways.

Arsenault Artist Management – Seasoned and emerging artists, for whom I am happy and honored to work. This is a WordPress site in a cPanel environment hosted by DirectNIC.

Ben Noyes, Cellist – one of my artists. I did not create his site, but gave it an overhaul and continue to maintain it. It is a WordPress site in a cPanel environment hosted by Bluehost.

Jara Goodrich Harp Studio – Jara is a seasoned harpist and dedicated harp teacher. I created and manage this site, initially built in Adobe Muse, then transferred to WordPress in anticipation of the demise of Muse.

MaineFIRST – This is a site that I made this year today using content from an old html site. It’s a WordPress site in cPanel, hosted by DirectNIC.

Northern Force FIRST Robotics Team 172 – I’ve been associated with this team since my kids were in high school. From 2003 to 2009, I was a co-coach, and now I’m the mentor for the Website team. This is a WordPress site, in a cPanel environment hosted by DirectNIC.

Pine Tree District FIRST Robotics Competition – I did not create this site, but I am now the main contributor and webtech. This site uses Squarespace for hosting.

Robotics Institute of Maine – I did not create this site but I now have admin responsibilities and did the last updates here, and in the associated Flipcause e-commerce site. – by Joe McKenna. I did not create this site, but I help Joe with the technical issues from time to time, and am happy to promote his creativity. If you tend to see things on the negative side, this is a site for you!!!

USM School of Music – I managed the original site beginning in 1995 through the change to the current Drupal CMS site, teaching other users in 2005 and beyond, but managing most of the content until my retirement in 2020. I continue to manage the pages for the USM Summer Youth Music and Theatre Camps and the School of Music Alumni.