New Bee (new-bee!)

Hey, friends of mother bees, I have a new bee (a new-bee!). This one was laying outside my door yesterday morning as the last one was getting ready to fly away. I scooped it up thinking it was dead, and was surprised to see the legs start kicking. So I brought it in and tried to feed it, but it couldn’t eat (and wasn’t interested) because of a problem with its probiscis (like a tongue). This was certainly the ugly duckling of carpenter bees, completely black with no shine, and no wings. Poor thing was really struggling. I thought it was a male, because of a white spot on his face (not a proper square), but by late last night, was not certain. I thought it had been poisoned, or had some other dread bee disease. Watch this 11 minute video to see what happened late last night!

Learn more about carpenter bees. They are great polinators, and won’t destroy your house if you give them a more proper home in your yard, and they are fascinating to watch.