Amazing Grace

This is my friend Ryan Williams and me singing “Amazing Grace” by John Newton. This was a nice collaboration. Ryan is our newest singer at St. Anne’s Church in Gorham.

You can purchase the sheet music for this arrangement from Sheet Music Plus, Item Number: S0.853339. Purchase it through the link to the right, and it will help me maintain my artist websites.

As I think of amazing grace, I really am quite amazed at what I see going on around me. In the midst of a pandemic, people have a nearly incontrollable urge to communicate. At the same time, we have scads of people communicating all of their frustrations, but unable to get through the log-jam keeping government offices unable to deal with the massive amount of communication that needs to be done.

I have an image of Geraldine sitting at the switchboard on Saturday Night Live

So, it seems to me that there are a lot of people interesting in having information that needs to get out to a whole lot of people, and at the same time we have only few people who don’t know what a network is and how it works. In case anyone is wondering, we are all part of a great network.

Can we all try to make better use of our networks and each other in the way that will help ease everyone’s frustrations, and get things done that need to be done. Goodness abounds.

Grace is indeed amazing. In faith, we call it Amazing Grace. In FIRST Robotics, we call it Gracious Professionalism.

(Yes, the cellist in this video looks a bit out of her element…)