The Hammond Organ

Below are photos of the organ that my wonderful Aunt Theresa gave me. My friend and organ technician Nick Mamich moved this Hammond Elegante organ from a second floor apartment in Massachusetts to my car for the trip back to Maine.

Yes, it fits in my car!

Knowing it was going to be tricky, I gave Nick permission to bring his saw, and we did end up sawing the top off to get it down the stairs. At one point, Nick handed me a roll of masking tape and instructed me to mark all the wires carefully, because I was putting the organ back together when we get back to Maine. And, indeed I did. There are only two sections of the organ that are too heavy for me to handle alone, but otherwise, it is now completely portable, and I do know how to take it apart, move it, and put it back together again.

Thanks to Nick Mamich for his expert guidance!