Gorham Times

Ok, this is a big one. For the past three or so years, I have been the public service coordinator for a small town Maine newspaper, the Gorham Times. We are all about our neighbors, and I’m all over that.

But this year, with the departure of our latest editor, everyone thought that I would be a good candidate for the position. They asked, “are you interested?” I said, “no!.” Then I said, “but I might be willing, for a time!” That was the clincher.

So, here I am, interim editor for the Gorham Times. Who would have thunk that I am actually pretty well prepared for this. No, I’m still not interested in this much responsibility. I’m retired.

I’m told that this is the kind of thing that retired people fall into. How I ever had time to work, I don’t really know.

Ok, I like my colleagues at the Gorham Times. It is an all volunteer community newspaper. We are all “all about” our neighbors. The three issues that I have completed have been ok. We have an amazing layout designer, so I can’t complain about how my work looks. Well, actually, it’s not really my work. We have really good writers so I can’t take much credit for the content. We have a really good community, so there’s always plenty of good things for the writers to write about that have nothing to do with me. Each issue just seems to fall together on its own.

For my part, I guess I just sorta keep people all going in the same direction, maybe?

I guess what I can honestly say that I do is that I simply keep everyone working on the same publication. Beyond that, I have no idea what I’m doing, but I love it.