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Team Earth

So, one of the problems we face is that somehow there is a lack of faith in the goodness of people who are in a better place, who have more than they need. We need to keep our faith in goodness itself. The first thing to be done is to know in your heart that we are all in this together.

Before thinking that anyone with more than enough money has no goodness, it’s important to see that they are in the best position to help in some way. It could be helpful to do some checking around to see what they are indeed doing.

So, I think the thing to do first is to begin to see every person from the top to the bottom as on the same team. We are indeed on the same team, Team Earth. It’s important to refrain from taking out our frustration on other members of our team. Everyone is a hero on this team, from those who have nothing, to those who have a lot.

This is my opinion. So, if you’re thinking of ways to prove to me that I’m wrong, please don’t respond to me. I am going forward believing that we are all on the same team, and that this is the first step. I have friends on both sides of the fence, and the only way that I can help one is to help the other, and visa versa.

Restarting the Career, and Reclaiming the Hobbies

Being newly retired, not ready to stop working, and prompted by the 2020 stay-at-home orders, I’m ready to start something new. Being really good at working from home, I’m once again self-employed as an individual, and as Arsenault Artist Management, with several more skills under my belt than the bookkeeping that I did from home years ago when my kids were little.

From time to time, if you care to check back, you’ll see things added or adjusted as I live more and learn more. These are arranged in alpha order, lest they reflect my priorities. They don’t. Just happy to keep learning…

Bee Keeping – Read my article “Bee Well” and see that this is a distinct possibility, but I don’t really think it qualifies as a career option.

Bookkeeping – I suppose I could still do that. My experience is with Quickbooks and keeping things simple. No big companies. Small business bookkeeping, the kind of services that help a new business become old.

Classical Guitar lessons – my undergraduate degree is in classical guitar, and I was told recently by a student that I’m a really good teacher. So, yes, I would consider giving lessons again, and I would even consider giving virtual lessons. I’m thinking that lessons would be 45 minutes for adults, 30 minutes for beginners. Inquiries welcome.

Sewing Machine Fun – If given a chance, I may be able to help you fix your own machine if you told me what the problem was. I’ll post my sewing machine collection soon, so you can see what my experience is. 🙂

Virtual Assistant / Customer Service / Artist Management – Really, really talented people may be so focused on their talent that they may need other kinds of help. Suggestions welcome.

Website design and content management – As you can see from this site, I have broken into WordPress and some of the other CMS platforms that are available now. I’ve been working on websites for 25 years, and have never known what I was doing until I did it a few times. Further, I’m pretty quick to say what I am and am not interested in learning how to do.

For both web design and bookkeeping, I’d rather not work by the hour, because my value to you is not how long it takes me to do something, but how quickly I can do it. We’ll agree on a budget and what needs to be done, and then I’ll do it. 🙂 Now that I’m retired, do contact me if you need some help with any of these things. I’ve never been known for my ability to make a living doing any of these things… if you know what I mean.